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Life should warm your heart!

These days the innanets will have you believe that wealth is the accumulation of THINGS. But there are a few of us who know that health is the real wealth. Buzz words like, Abundance can also have a slew of meanings but for me it means having the things I need most *even if I don't realize it at the time* and also having a few of the things I want.

If we've learned anything during these past few years, it is that time is of the essence. And it is not intended to cause panic or rush. But to give pause in the moment and make sure that you are living a more intentional life. And I know the innantes got ya'll believing it's all affirmations, moon rituals and palo santo. But I'm here to tell ya, it's really about unlearning, re-learning, digging deep, setting boundaries and forgiveness. It is the ultimate return to self and the biggest FUCK YOU to those who would have you believe that you without them ain't living.

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