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Our Spotlight business this month is a leading content creator and stunner NaVasha Tate. I began YT as something just to do. Just to see if I could do it or if I even liked it. I’ve always taken interest to skincare. My skin has always been something that I received feedback about. Mostly positive but not always, if we’re being transparent. Being a dark skinned young girl, I’ve pretty much heard it all from everyone, at an early age. My skin has always been something highlighted to me by others. And maybe indirectly, this creates a passion for me unknowingly.

In hindsight, maybe that is what made me take interest into skincare in the first place, however, I’m still passionate about it. Especially now, becoming an esthetician, majority of the things I knew already I’ve been able to expound upon. YT has been a journey for me to say the least. I still feel like I’m in the beginning of the journey, with only being on YT for just under a year at this point. I do not have all the answers currently about the direction of my platform, who I want my audience to be, how long I plan on staying on YT etc etc. what I do want is for the people who come across my videos to be educated in some way about skincare/bodycare. Whether that’s skincare solely or beauty tips/tricks that I have knowledge of. YT is such a huge place for content creators with potential to create more avenues of self expression throughout other platforms that reach people across the world. Since this is still a new aspect of my life I want to focus on making content I can be proud of and content that makes me happy, so that my message can reach those who it is meant for and really stick with them.


Tik Tok/IG: @navashaofficial

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